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17 August 2017

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3 Reasons to Digital Detox

Have your Next Digital Detox At The Closest Campground

Are you the type of person who feels extreme anxiety if you’re not constantly checking your social media apps or emails? From smartphones to tablets and computers, it seems like we never have the opportunity to turn everything off and enjoy the silence. Maybe it’s time to start a digital detox by looking for a campsite near you and pitching a tent for a couple of days. Here are three reasons why a campsite is a perfect spot for a digital detox. 

Put the devices down and be rewarded with these benefits:

You’ll Be Closer To Nature

It’s time to disconnect with the digital world and reconnect with nature. When you’re camping, unless you brought your own power bank to charge your devices, you won’t have anything to plug your phone into. You’ll simply be closer to nature. Just make sure, if you’re a novice camper, to search for camping tips before you head out. Do your research, before going to the nearest campsite, to ensure you will be digitally prepared in Mother Nature’s outdoors.


Whether you’re at school, at work, or online, you’re constantly connected to other people. It’s almost as if your entire life is on display. Instead of renting a hotel room full of other people for the night, where you’ll be tempted to plug your phone into sleep on boring hotel room furniture, why not seek comfort under the stars? 

You Will Get Better Sleep

If your one of those people that rely on over-the-counter medications to fall asleep at night, then your at the right article. Users of these temporary fixes often cite actual insomnia as the reason for restless nights. If you haven’t been professionally diagnosed with this medical condition, then think about this for a moment. You can not sleep at night because your not able to put down your device hours before bed. The blue-light burning directly into your retinas has been scientifically proven to affect our sleep. Next time your worried about being able to fall asleep put the devices down a few hours before you go to sleep. Better yet you can try digitally detoxing at your nearest campground. The natural white noise sound of nature, instead of the blue light from Facebook cat videos, will have you falling asleep in no time.

Taking yourself offline for even a couple of days will have a positive impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health. Take time away from those cat videos. Bring your friends, family, or even just yourself to the nearest campsite around and enjoy a disconnect from the digital world and a reconnect with Mother Nature.