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23 August 2019

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Best Travel Apps For Your Next Camping Adventure | Part 4

Whether you are out on an RV adventure or heading to your next camping trip, you may be looking for ways to make the most of your trip. The answer can be found in getting all of the right apps for every stage of your travel, from the planning process to the driving to making the most of your time while at the campsite. These are some apps that you should consider before you head out on your next adventure.


Waze is a popular app for all people who travel around. This app can be particularly good for people who are traveling in areas that they may not be familiar with. Waze is known for not just being a great navigational tool or the real-time ETA, it is also great for letting you know other very important details. Waze can tell you where gas stations are, identify accidents that may be up ahead, and if there are any police on the road. Waze is free in iOS or Android.

Packing List App

Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of your trip. You don’t want to get to your destination only to find out that you forgot something important. As you think of things that you need for your trip before you start packing, you can start a list so that when you are packing you will be less likely to forget items. You can also set reminders that will help you remember the most important items. You can save these lists to use for future trips. There are different apps that you can get that accomplish this for either iOS or Android devices. Here’s one we like. 

InRoute Route Planner

When you are on a RV and need to plan out the best route to get where you want to, this can be very overwhelming for you. With InRoute route planner, you have an easier way to plan out your route. You can use the app to find the route with the best time or you can add other locations that you want to visit along the way. There are interactive charts that will show you curviness, weather, and elevation. You can also find great information like the times for sunrise and sunset. Even cooler, this app allows you to export these routes to Waze, Google Maps, or any GPS device you are using. This does come at a cost for users. After the first 7 days, there are monthly and annual fees for use. It is only available on iOS.


REI Co-Op National Parks Guide

This app was created by RVers, to let you see all of the RV parks, campgrounds, gas stations, stores, and rest areas as you travel. The RV parks listed on this app are typically commercially owned, but there are also Casino properties, public parks, KOAs, and Jellystone listed on this app. You get information from experienced RVers who spend a lot of time out on the road. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.


Audible is an app you are probably very familiar with. Still, it’s a great app to keep you entertained while out in nature.

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