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23 August 2019

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Best Travel Apps For Your Next Camping Adventure | Part 5

If you are looking for ways to make the most of your next camping or RV adventure, finding the best apps can make all of the difference. A lot of people feel as though technology only negatively impacts the outdoor experience, but there are a lot of benefits that you can get with the right apps. This will show you some awesome apps that can help you make the most of your outdoor adventures.


AllStays is an app lets you book a variety of different locations, including options of over 30,000 RV parks and campgrounds. You can even find free parking lots to park your RV at as well. There are a lot of filters on this app, allowing users to narrow the options based on filters like the type of camping and costs. If you are looking for a specific location, such as one with water hookup availability or activities like fishing and hiking, you can find that on this app. This app is particularly excellent for RVers who want to find location near dump stations or RV dealers. You can get this app on your web browser for a starting fee of $32.95 or on your iOS device at a cost of $9.99.


There are a lot of tasks that people who have RVs need to do. However, you may not be aware of all of these tasks or may forget whether or not you have completed them. This app is perfect for you. You can use this app to find nearby service centers, create notifications, create checklists when you are packing for trips, and track any maintenance on the RV. This is a free app for Android and iOS devices.

Harvest Hosts

You may have to pay a membership fee, but you get so much more with this app than you do with your typical campsite reservation apps. With your membership on Harvest Hosts, you gain access to farms, breweries, and other locations where RVers can visit and then stay for free. You will need to have your own self-contained RV since these host locations don’t have bathrooms or hookups for you to use. There are other rules that you have to follow, including not being able to use tents or outdoor kitchens. However, this is great because you can gain unique access to amazing and quiet locations that are far away from the usual campsites. The membership fee is $79 annually on both Android and iOS. 


Where should you stop next time you are on a road trip? If you have no idea or just want to have a spontaneous trip, RoadTrippers has the answers to all the questions you have about where to stop. You can find unique attractions, scenic locations, parks, and other locations for you to stop at. You can even save places or trips as you travel along on your journey. There are free or paid options for this app. Unfortunately if you have the free version, you can only save a maximum of 7 waypoints. This can be a huge downside if you want to have a lot of adventures. It is also best used if you are in a pretty populated region. You can use RoadTrippers on your iOS and Android devices.

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