Omega Ranch

30 June 2017


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Campground with Lots of Amenities

Located in New Smyrna Beach… The Heart of Central Florida

Visit Omega Ranch for Outdoor Adventure

Omega Ranch is a sprawling five mile stretch of wonderful woodland located near New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  The ranch offers a multitude RV and regular camping around the site. And the longer you stay the more fun you will have because the opportunities for family fun and adventure are amazing!  To provide you with the full list of activities available would be quite a challenge, but here is just a short list to whet your appetite: ATV park including super mud pits, hiking and biking Trails, laser tag, obstacle courses, zip lines, water fun on the lake.

Omega Ranch opened in 2007 with the purpose of being an all-inclusive family fun park; the grounds offered the perfect backdrop for everything a camping or RV camping family might want Streams, lakes, ponds and an abundance of flora and fauna.  Over time obstacle courses, ATV trails and hunting areas were established within the perimeter. Omega Ranch has become a destination spot for those knowledgeable in central Florida.

Campsites, RV Parks and Events

Campsites in central Florida

If you are looking for choice campsites near you then look no further than Omega Ranch.  Whether you would like to prep your own campsite, camp near the lake or have your campsite pre-established you have come to the right place.  We have several major campgrounds on the property and all campsites are in secluded and quiet areas to ensure your enjoyment of nature is serene and relaxed.  Campsites come in diverse sizes to fit your recreational needs. Have a large group get-together or planning an intimate outing for two? We’ve got you covered.

RV Parks in central Florida

Our RV parking and camping is every bit diverse as our traditional camping.  We have plenty of amenities and can accommodate the largest of RVs and buses.  Omega Ranch is the premier RV spot in central Florida and, what’s more, you can store your RV with us if you need to.  We have monthly rental options for RV storage or even RV camping at Omega Ranch.

Events in central Florida

The Omega Ranch Academy offers ongoing classes in survival, archery and team building.  What better way to try out some new activities while enjoying time with your family or co-workers?  The qualified instructors at Omega are local professionals with the training and skills to ensure that you get the most out of your session.  Large groups or small, you get the same kind of personalized support and guidance that is guaranteed to help you reach your potential.

Another thing offered at the Omega Ranch are guided hunts of wild boar.  Whether a seasoned hunter or simply curious, we will ensure that your hunt is safe, exciting and rewarding.  We will show you how to identify and track your quarry.

Omega Ranch offers so many events and adventures that it is impossible to list them all and do them justice.  Check out our website for RV Camping, local campgrounds, ATV rentals, hunting and water sports. At Omega Ranch you will find what you are looking for.


  • Randy Charles says:

    When is this place going to be open… It has everything i like to do. New Smyrna Beach has been needing fun activities to do around us. I’ll be staying at one of your lakeside campsites when i come. 1200 acres seems like plenty of space to go off roading with my four wheeler 🙂

  • Stephanie S. says:

    Wow… This place is right near me and looks amazing! Can’t wait to bring my side by sides over to your campground. We have been looking for a family oriented places around us to camp with an ATV Park. We are always looking for fun things to do in New Smyrna and finally found it. I added myself to the mailing. Thanks again. Steph


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