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13 July 2017

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How To Find The Best RV Parks Or Campgrounds Around Me?

People sharing an RV park adventure brings them closer together.

RV parks and resorts are often called “The Last Small Towns In America.”

How To Find The Best RV Parks Or Campgrounds Around Me?

The friendly RV park citizens, the sense of community amongst the RV park owners, and the abundance of amenities that many RV park campgrounds provide, offer RV travelers that hometown with a sense of adventure. Whether you’re a family looking for the best place to stay while traveling, are a couple seeking new excitement, or just by yourself and looking for a place to meet new people, you can find what you’re looking for at your nearest RV park and campground.

RV Campgrounds

RV campgrounds can be as small as a few dozen lots to several hundred lots and most cater to RV camping as well as tent camping and even lakeside campsites. Most RV parks offer primitive RV sites as well as RV sites with full hookups.  Parks that provide full hookups usually mean electricity, water, and sewer and nowadays even Wi-Fi. 

What to expect

The best part of staying at RV parks while traveling is the people you meet. Friendships boom at campgrounds as large groups of people sharing an adventure brings people closer together. Now while this is an example of the best outcome you can have while staying at random RV parks, not all RV parks are the same. Part of the RV park experience is that you never know what your adventure will have in store for you. If you look at it from this perspective your bound to have a good time no matter what crazy types of people you might encounter… Knowing that you have no control over the types of people you will meet on your adventure the only question remaining is how to find the best RV Park or campground around?

Let’s look at the facts

There are two main types of RV campgrounds you can have fun at. 

  • Public campgrounds
  • Private campgrounds

Here are a few insights when planning your next RV park camping trip. 

Public Campground

When booking your next trip to a national park or monument you will most likely be staying at a public campground. These sites usually offer the most basic amenities. Since these choices for campsites are location based they will most often offer mesmerizing scenery, access to  beautiful lakes or beaches, or an up close view of an amazing monument. While most of the time this public facility is your only option sometimes there are private locations nearby that will offer different amenities and experiences. 

Private Campground

When you choose a private campground, you can enjoy a range of discounts and membership options. You can find hundreds of campsites on the internet offering a wide range of discounts like 50% off-season or free use of their amenities during your stay. When making the choice of public versus private it usually comes down to the location versus the amenities. Staying at a public campground will bring you closer to the main attraction while private campsites offer you more. 

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best RV Parks Near You

As no two campgrounds are the same…


A lot of RV parks offer their patrons full electric, sewer and water hook-ups. However, there are some that offer only a primitive camping experience. Which means no hookups whatsoever. It is always good to check for this prior to booking to ensure you get what you are looking for. 

Internet Facility

If you are technology dependent, then make sure RV Park is offering internet access. Most rural destinations find it impossible or too expensive to offer this type of amenity at their location so it is imperative to confirm this before proceeding.

Mail Service

If you are planning to be on the road for a longer period, then maybe you wish to have your mail held and delivered to a certain destination. While many do offer this type of service, keep it in mind that most short-term RV parks don’t accept mail. 


If you are a fun-loving person, then always look for the community that facilities that host games, gatherings, and fun-filled social activities. Most private RV parks and campgrounds will offer this to their guest as an additional perk. You will usually find the best activities during peak camping season. Take a look at what the campgrounds around the international speedway in Daytona Beach have to offer during the Daytona 500 if you want a unique experience. 


Notably, not all RV parks and campgrounds are located in ideal locations.  Some are in scenic areas or by national treasures; others are out in the middle of nowhere. While you may be looking for that ghost town charm it is important for you to plan your route ahead of time. Needless to say google maps is the best for this. We also suggest Yelp as a quality source of RV park and campground reviews. Pre-plan your trip using these resources to get the vacation experience you are looking for. Feel free to leave us your story about your craziest experience in the comments section below. Happy RVing 🙂