Jeremy Spence

Jeremy Spence

Survival Specialist

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Jeremy Spence grew up learning outdoor survival skills from family veterans of World War II and the Vietnam War. He joined the Army at the age of 17 where he learned advanced Combat Life Saver medical skills, along with modern light infantry ground tactics and survival. He is well known and respected as a teacher of advanced survival, day and night land navigation, weapons and firearms. He is a certified firearms instructor for the NRA. His hobbies include most extreme outdoor recreational sports that continue his training and test his abilities in martial arts swordsmanship, shooting competitions, rock climbing, archery, kayaking, survival and much more. He is currently a multi-gun competitor (rifle, pistol, shotgun) sponsored by Spike’s Tactical and an instructor for Abba Services. “The vastness of Jeremy’s detailed knowledge and hands on experience is incredible, students love him.” Stan Smith, director for Omega Ranch and Abba Services

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