established with the love of the father <3

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At Omega Ranch we are crazy in love with outdoor recreation and just plain wholesome fun for the entire family. Whether it’s a youth group, men’s group, corporate team building or even advance security training our goal is to help people enjoying conquering their objectives as a team. Folks learn how to work together with lots of bonding as they enjoy all God has given us through sports, outdoor recreation, adventures and classes while we strive to be good stewards of this preside property with a minimal impact on the environment. Stan smith the owner boasts his enjoyment of youth and fun through several mission trips where the translator leaves him with a rock and a 100+ kids and they have fun for a week. We have handled groups from 10-3,000, so tell us your goals and dreams and we can most like make it happen.

We look forward to your stay.

 -Stan and the Team