3 Gun Top Shot Training - 4 hrs.

3 Gun Top Shot Training - 4 hrs.

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For Two People

Includes training, tent camping. (Cabins are extra) and Lunch.

A special ops weekend adventure of 3-firearm training with Jeremy and Jamie Spence. They say “Practice makes perfect”, not so with firearms. Perfect practice makes perfect. If you want to shoot like the pros or survive a gun battle you need to learn the right techniques and they must become habits (muscle memory).

Can you shoot 10 head shots in 4 seconds, body shots at 50+ yards with a handgun and reload your shotgun fast? Practice shooting your AR like a pro under stress at 50 to 200 yards as you rush through a gauntlet of scenarios and targets, then switch back and forth as needed to your handgun or shotgun while reloading fast. If you don’t develop safe accurate habits you should sell your firearm and buy a rock.

Train hands on with professionals in this exciting training to develop seriously muscle memory skills as you learn to handle various weapons and scenarios in this fast paced one or two day training. You will become confident in basics to advanced techniques used by world champions as you practice through various scenarios with rifles, shotguns and handguns for close quarter to some basic precision long distance shooting. This top shot training with the pro’s will prepare you with natural reactions that will put you ahead of the pack as you stand ready to defend your loved ones.  Learn how to maintain your weapon, develop good habits and basic fundamentals, along with various military techniques.

Many people book both days for both weekends to continue their training.

You will need to bring your own weapons and at least 100 rounds of ammo for each firearm. If you can afford more, bring it. Contact us if you need to borrow a weapon.

We will also have several additional weapons to train with and opportunities to shoot the instructors Spike Tactical AR 15, and various other weapons.