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When you ask someone whether or not they’ve played laser tag before, you’ll most likely hear about their experience in an old warehouse converted into a laser tag arena. The kind of laser tag arena full of neon sprayed barrels and foam barriers where they run around with vests attached to little plastic laser guns. It’s a really colorful experience for sure, and something every kid should have tried once in their life, but nothing beats laser tag in the great outdoors. You might have the itch to play laser tag and search for laser tag near you. However, you might not find a lot of laser tag near you, if at all, anymore. If you do, they are just the kid’s type of laser tag where parents bring their children for their birthday. As fun as it is being in a room full of smoke machines, nothing can beat dodging lasers behind trees and playing outside. 



Is There Laser Tag Near Me?


If you’ve never heard of Omega Ranch Outdoor Adventure, in Central Florida, then you need to take a look at all the fun amenities and adventures they offer. Even if you have heard of them, you might know them for more common outdoor adventure fun like jet skiing or mountain biking and camping. However, did you know they also offer laser tag? Yes, you are your friends or family can run around outside with laser guns that don’t hurt as airsoft ones do. You don’t need to worry about welts and bruises to you or your loved ones (but you should still try airsoft out, it’s really fun). However, if you just want to have harmless fun with lasers in an environment that is anywhere but a musky old warehouse then visit Omega Ranch’s laser tag page to book an experience of a lifetime.



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