Ropes Course and Zip Line


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Ropes Course and Zip Line

Rope Courses:

Rope courses is a collection of obstacles and hurdles for individuals and teams. It is an effective way for team building and self-confidence. Rope courses encourage problem solving and puzzles. As you need to navigate your way through the course. To nail this course wear strong shoes and get ready for the ride of a life time. Look for a ropes course and zip lining near you and get started.

Rope courses consists of:

  • Unstable bridges: This is a group of low hanging bridges. This activity creates a sense of surroundings as one wrong move can send them falling to the ground. You need to be aware of what your next step is.
  • Z Shaped Balance Beam: This mainly focus on balance. You need to change your directions every four to five feet. It is designed for one person to walk at a time.
  • Free fall device: This is one of the most thrilling experience of the entire course. The individual take a leap and jumps. It is a free fall and is a treat for thrill seekers.
  • Cargo net: Cargo net is quite a challenging activity. It is course of path with nets. It challenges the participant to reach for their inner strength and climb it. It is designed in many ways. Ladder steps being the most common.
  • Climbing tower: Climbing tower is actually a wall with twisted ropes attached to it. A climber challenges himself to climb it and tests his core strength.
  • Giant ladder: This is a team building skill. Giant leaders are a group of huge steps with large spaces in between them. The team help each other climb it by combing their strength as it is not possible for an individual.
  • Pipe Bridge: Individual pipes are roped together in a bridge. Forming a hanging bridge of sorts. It forms some sort of a ladder as the pipes are roped in that way. This can either be horizontal or vertical.
  • Single Line Bridge: this promotes team building and problem solving. You need to have amazing balance to nail this one!

Zip Line:

Zip lining is one of the most exciting experience one can have. It would be an amazing experience for people who are thrill seekers. Adrenaline seekers will be thrilled with the experience.

Zip lining provide a feeling of freeness as you zoom through the line.  Individuals enjoy the ride through the air and feel phenomenal movement through the air which is reserved only for the birds. The zip line is totally safe as it is designed, installed and tested by the professionals. The braking is an essential part of zip lining. Zip lining speed ranges from 24km/hr. to 60 km/hr. The braking of the zip line is one of the most important part of the experience. So it’s natural that the participants are worried about it.

Zip liners are typically told to hold on to the top of the line. People feel more secure as they can hold onto something and that gives them a sense of relief. Holding on to the top also helps in orientation. It stops the person from rotating and the participant in turns does not feel dizzy.

Don’t waste your time and navigate your way through the course. Search now for a “Ropes course and zip lining near me”!



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