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2 Hour Beginner Group
1 - 1 days : $300.00 Fixed
4 Hour Intermediate Group
1 - 1 days : $490.00 Fixed
8 Hour Advanced Group
1 - 1 days : $320.00 Fixed
8 Hour Advanced Individual
1 - 1 days : $85.00 Fixed
2 Hour Beginner Individual
1 - 1 days : $65.00 Fixed
4 Hour Intermediate Individual
1 - 1 days : $75.00 Fixed
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Are you prepared? 


The world is a dangerous place.  As anyone who is a fan of shows like Man vs. Wild knows there is a lot out in the world that can harm or even kill you.  Sometimes it is the terrain that can hurt you with a fall from a rocky ledge. Sometimes water can drown you. Then there are poisonous plants that might cause anything from a bad rash to death.  Of course, we can’t forget the animals and insects that can be deadly. Everything from a giant grizzly bear to a small scorpion might kill you.  


Can you be more prepared? 


Of all the animals out there, however, man is the most deadly animal of all.  You meet a stranger they might be the kindest person you’ll ever meet or they might be dangerous.  It’s difficult to know which one they are when you meet. Also, statistically speaking, people are more likely to be harmed or killed by someone they know so knowing someone is not an absolute guarantee you are safe with them. The bottom line, once again, is that the world is a dangerous place.  It’s smart to be prepared for the possibility of things going wrong. 


How can you be more prepared? 


Here at Omega Ranch we have put together an elite team of survival experts that is dedicated to teaching you how to survive in any situation.  They have a lot of experience with surviving any challenge and they want to pass on that knowledge to you and your group. The idea of survival training might sound a bit grim but it doesn’t have to be.  At Omega Ranch learning the keys of survival is fun as well as informative. You don’t just attend a dry lecture on survival techniques. You go on a survival adventure that is designed to use hands-on training to teach a wide array of survival skills.  


Join us today…


We offer a number of different packages that cater to everyone with any level of skill and experience.  Our experts have trained families, men’s groups, members of the armed forces with all levels of experience.  If you and your gang are interested in learning more about how to survive in a dangerous world while having an adventure contact us today.    


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