Team Building – Course Challenge

 $395.00 /Per Day

The Omega Ranch Team Building professionals have set up wooden walls, web walls, pole crossings and cable walk challenges for your team to use to to learn how to work together as a group. The course will challenge each of your team to work together in order to complete the course. The group package will be good for up to 10 people. Each additional guest can be purchased below.

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How good is your team? 


You know that you have a great team working for you.  Day in and day out they deliver. They are professional and highly skilled.  They are, however, people. People come with friction, disagreements and drama. Teamwork is critical for your business to thrive.  The way your team works together will have a direct effect on how well they do their jobs. How well they do their jobs has a direct effect on your bottom line. 


Can they be better? 


You want to ensure that your team is engaged, committed and firing on all cylinders. One way to do that is to have everyone participate in team building exercises that are designed to take your team out of the office to someplace that is fun and give them the chance to learn how to work together as a team.  It serves two purposes. First, it provides them with the theory of better teamwork. Second, it gives them the chance to engage with each other outside the office in a setting that still requires them to work together. The result is that they are a better team.  


How can Omega Ranch Academy help?


Here at Omega Ranch we have put together an elite team that is dedicated to designing a complete team building experience.  From start to finish, their goal was to create a dynamic, transforming team-building course that will engage your people and challenge them.  The course uses a variety of obstacles that are both fun and demanding. We have high wooden walls with ropes to climb. There are also web walls that require a team to work together in order for everyone to successfully navigate them.  Along with pole crossings that require your team members to use poles together to overcome obstacles. As well as cable walk challenges that compel your team members to work together to cross cables suspended over other impediments.


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Our course is unique and it will have your people learning how to work together seamlessly.  We also offer a number of amenities for your team to enjoy during their downtime. The group package is good for up to ten of your team members. Each additional guest can be purchased separately.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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