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Rod Price

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Rod Price is rapidly becoming the premier ultra-distance canoe paddler in the United States. At the age of 54, he is the only canoeist to complete North America’s five longest races: the Ultimate Florida Challenge 1200, the Yukon 1000, the Yukon River Quest (460 miles), the Missouri River 340 and the Everglades Challenge 300. In 2008, Price was part of a four-person team that competed in the 100-mile Great Amazon River Raft Race in Peru. Since winning his first canoe race in 1980, his victory total has now surpassed 200 wins. Price lives in Central Florida. When he is not traveling to another epic endurance event, he is usually paddling on the local lakes and rivers. Price enjoys conducting paddling trips and showing nature enthusiasts the unspoiled beauty of God’s country.

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